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  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    Oki has been a life saver for me! I was skeptical of the effectiveness of CBD products, but have been extremely pleased with the results over time with OKi. As someone who suffers from Ulcerative Colitis I’m very conscious of what I put into my body and the supplements I take, and I would recommend this product to anyone!
    Kenny Ferguson
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    This CBD oil has helped me with not being so tired during the day. My joints also do not bark at me as much as they used to in the past.
    Judy Blaes
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    This product is amazing. I have been having trouble with my elbow, at the joint, with constant jolts when I would move in certain way. I use the balm and within 5 minutes I could feel the tension starting to ease. After several times of using this, my pain subsided, and I can move my elbow with little to no pain. I will definitely buy more in the future.
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    My husband and I are major CBD advocates and have tried various different vendors over the last two years. When we first tried Oki's tincture it was obvious that it was one of the best on the market. Most recently my husband tried the balm and said that it really helped to relieve his chronic shoulder pain. 10/10 would recommend!
    Samantha Marfurt
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    I have used Oki's CBD products exclusively for both my dog (a poodle mix who is very anxious) as well as my own personal needs. Their product line is second to none in terms of quality and speed of shipment. It’s clear that Oki really cares about their customer service and CBD purity!
    Colin Baird
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    Oki products are awesome! I use the cbd oil everyday and I always give my pups the cbd treats before leaving the house.
    Braxton Kilgo
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    About 2 months ago, I adopted my 3 year old dog from the SPCA. When I first got her, she had severe separation anxiety. It was to the point that I would hardly get sleep because she would wake me up every other hour to make sure I was still there. When I would leave for work, she would whine and bark for hours. Oki’s pet line was my saving grace! My dog has been taking the daily drops for over a month and her separation anxiety is gone!! And, these treats are a serious game changer. My dog gets severe anxiety when it comes to car rides or crowded environments, and these treats have immediately eased her anxiety. Because of the Oki pet products, my dog is no longer anxious and she is able to enjoy her new life in her new home. I highly recommend this product to any dog owners who want to improve their pup’s quality of life!!
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    I have been using the Oki Wellness CBD Balm for about a year for my menstrual cramps and it has really helped me manage the pain! I keep it in my purse, and it has come in handy more times than I can count at work. I usually must take a sick leave, but now I rub a small amount on my abdomen and can get back to work. The container also lasts forever!
    Hayley Brunner
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    As an 88 year old, I started using CBD to help with my knee replacement surgery. Not only has it helped with my recovery process but one thing I’ve struggled with for a long time is restless leg syndrome. I’ve tried many different remedies over the years, and nothing helped. This CBD oil has helped me in many ways.
    Don Knipp
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    I utilized Oki’s sublingual CBD drops. I found them super helpful in dealing with anxiety. Over the time that I used the drops, I found myself to be in a calmer state of mind, despite working 12 hour days. As someone who works in the health and wellness industry, I can truly appreciate when a company is looking to aid stressors in a more natural approach. I’m thankful I’ve found Oki Wellness’ products.
    Quinn Yording
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    I have been using the oil and decided to try the balm as an external treatment. I have discomfort in my feet and right shoulder. I put the balm on before I go to bed. It has given me relief of my shoulder pain and my feet feel more “normal” in the morning. Discomfort in my feet I think is caused by neuropathy and the balm seems to calm them. I like the idea of relief to be in the form of a natural product.
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    “I am extremely pleased with my experience thus far approximately 20 days into starting my OKi Wellness CBD Tincture regiment. It is worth stating I began with a highly skeptical attitude as I have never before taken holistic remedies, nor have I ever written a review or endorsed any product whatsoever. For the preceding two weeks prior to beginning the CBD daily doses, I was experiencing constant shoulder pain as a result of frozen shoulder. I could barely move my arm away from my body, experiencing shock waves of pain when I moved wrong and for a two day stretch, was in so much pain, I was considering asking the doctor for something stronger than ibuprofen. No improvement overnight, but after a couple of days, my range of motion for my arm and shoulder began to improve from washing my hair with one hand to, slowly being able to raise my hand up to my head. Flash forward to present day, I have 90 percent range of motion and contemplating making a tee time! I do not believe in coincidences, I have not changed any other behavior during the time in question, I believe the CBD oil does in fact possess the anti-inflammatory qualities I have read about.”
    Phoenix, AZ
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    “I have suffered with knee pain for too long and was scheduled for knee replacement surgery. The pain would awaken me at night so I never got a full night’s rest. I used a cane for walking and suffered during the day with the constant pain. I had to postpone the knee surgery for a month and during that time I was introduced to CBD oil. After taking it for only a day, I woke up and realized that I had slept through the night! When I got up I realized that the pain in my knees had greatly subsided and I was ecstatic! I went to work and told my co-workers that I had experienced a miracle. All prescriptions I have taken have not given me the total relief that I have experienced by taking CBD oil.”
    Colleyville, TX
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    The balm smells amazing first of all. I get some pretty bad wrist pain, especially after a long week of working on the computer. I like to rub this into my wrist when it starts to hurt, and I quickly start to feel relief. This stuff seems really strong! I will continue to use topically.
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    I used a sample (3-4 weeks) of the Mint Tincture for elbow pain i had experienced for over 2 years. Within about 1 week of use, i noticed a positive effect!! It also has a great taste to go with it that I enjoyed very much. Over the course of the sample, my elbow pain had drastically diminished and was finally able to fully extend my left arm. I was very pleased with the results and also knowing that I do not have to take something like Tylenol regularly that has many adverse negative affects on my body. Also, the price compared to many other CBD companies.
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    “I am 73 and have been taking CBD liquid drops for almost 2 months. I have had lower back pain for many, many years and have just tolerated it. After taking the CBD oil, the nagging pain in my back has subsided to the point that I have to think about it to remember that I used to have it! Since the pain has all but gone, there are times when I tend to over extend my activity and some pain comes back. With the CBD oil, the pain is gone again by the next day. It is a relief to be able to take a natural product instead of a manufactured chemical.”
    Keller, TX
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    I had been using the “unflavored” CBD oil and decided to try the mint. Very tasty and refreshing. Of course the CBD itself can not be beat! I’ve been using CBD oil for a couple of months now for consistent lower back pain and can’t imagine living without it. I tend to abuse my back and, if I skip the CBD, my back will let me know. This is also a great price point for a pure product per the lab results that are posted on this website.
    Richard Barrett
  • OKi Wellness testimonial
    It took about 3 weeks to start feeling an effect, but Arthritis pain is totally gone when taking CBD- I had stopped taking it for awhile thinking it may have been weight loss that reduced the knee pain- But without the CBD I have constant pain in joints. Great product I love it.

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