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Sublingual drops to support everyday health.

From a racing mind to sore muscles, we have what it takes to keep you going from start to finish. Add this to your daily routine to experience all the wonderful benefits of hemp extracts!

Are you adding to your daily vitamins and supplements?

Our Calming Capsules are simple and easy to take for those on the go throughout the day. Know exactly what you’re putting in your body with precise dosing per capsule.

Our balm can be your soothing sidekick

Take it with you anywhere and everywhere. Applying just a small amount can ease those nagging feelings. Infused with eucalyptus and lavender to hit your senses just right!

You didn’t think we would forget your best friend, did you?

Pets can’t get enough of these delicious formulations just for them. Whether it be our peanut butter treats or bacon flavored tincture, they’ll keep coming back for more while feeling better than ever.

Oki Wellness Facts

Over 100

Cannabinoids that interact naturally with your body’s Endocannabinoid System

10,000 years! +

People has been utilizing Hemp


Of users find CBD effective, with the two leading categories being Chronic Pain and Stress/Anxiety


Of CBD users feel it is more effective than over the counter medication


Of Adults suffer from Chronic Pain according to the CDC


Of adults don’t get enough sleep


Of adults experience some form of mental illness


Acres of grown hemp


Adults use CBD


Adults take some form of supplements