Feeling stressed or tired?

Uplift your day! This one of a kind formulation comes boosted with
lemon and clary sage essential oils to make sure you feel your best!

Uplift Tincture


“It took about 3 weeks to start feeling an
effect, but Arthritis pain is totally gone.

- Jean

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Our Focus
is on the Family

As a family owned business, we want you
and your family to feel your best daily.
Our products can be used when your
body isn’t feeling 100 percent or
proactively to give you the boost you

Hemp Tinctures

The heart of our product line, OKi Wellness Hemp Tinctures are an all-natural supplement that can leave you feeling joyful, focused and relaxed.

OKi Wellness
Hemp Capsules

Compact and effective, OKi Wellness Capsules make it easy to get the added touch you need no matter where you are. Whether you’re on the go or complementing your everyday routine, we’re here to help.

OKi Wellness
Hemp Balm

Have your body feeling refreshed with Oki Wellness Hemp Balms. Our topical solution is simple to apply and smells great with added essential oils!

OKi Pets Hemp
Dog Treats

We all know it can be difficult to get your four-legged friend to cooperate taking a new supplement. That’s why we made it easy with our Peanut Butter Pet Treats.

For Everyone

From students to grandmothers and
from stay-at-home parents to 9-to-5
professionals, OKi Wellness products
can be the resource you trust for every
family member.