Our Story

Founded by siblings, Nicole and Jeremy, along with Nicole’s husband, Taylor, Oki Wellness was created on the principle of family helping family. Stemming from our work at our developmental afterschool center, where our passion for helping other people and their families really came to life, wefully understoodhow many people were seeking help and wanting quality products either for themselves or those close to them.Through countless conversations with families about holistic remedies and how they can help their children and themselves, Oki Wellness was born. From there, the three of us set out to deliver high quality products with even higher quality results.

It is our mission to deliver the care and satisfaction that each of you expect. Our formulations are designed for multi-generational support and can be used as a reactive remedy or a proactive solution for those looking to maintain a positive balance. Count on us to support your wellness goals - we are here to help make a difference in your everyday life and get you feeling your best!

From Our Family to Yours,
Nicole, Taylor, and Jeremy