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This product is amazing. I have been having trouble with my elbow, at the joint, with constant jolts when I would move in certain way. I use the balm and within 5 minutes I could feel the tension starting to ease. After several times of using this, my pain subsided, and I can move my elbow with little to no pain. I will definitely buy more in the future.


I have been using the oil and decided to try the balm as an external treatment. I have discomfort in my feet and right shoulder. I put the balm on before I go to bed. It has given me relief of my shoulder pain and my feet feel more “normal” in the morning. Discomfort in my feet I think is caused by neuropathy and the balm seems to calm them. I like the idea of relief to be in the form of a natural product.


The balm smells amazing first of all. I get some pretty bad wrist pain, especially after a long week of working on the computer. I like to rub this into my wrist when it starts to hurt, and I quickly start to feel relief. This stuff seems really strong! I will continue to use topically.