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I used a sample (3-4 weeks) of the Mint Tincture for elbow pain i had experienced for over 2 years. Within about 1 week of use, i noticed a positive effect!! It also has a great taste to go with it that I enjoyed very much. Over the course of the sample, my elbow pain had drastically diminished and was finally able to fully extend my left arm. I was very pleased with the results and also knowing that I do not have to take something like Tylenol regularly that has many adverse negative affects on my body. Also, the price compared to many other CBD companies.

Richard Barrett

I had been using the “unflavored” CBD oil and decided to try the mint. Very tasty and refreshing. Of course the CBD itself can not be beat! I’ve been using CBD oil for a couple of months now for consistent lower back pain and can’t imagine living without it. I tend to abuse my back and, if I skip the CBD, my back will let me know. This is also a great price point for a pure product per the lab results that are posted on this website.


It took about 3 weeks to start feeling an effect, but Arthritis pain is totally gone when taking CBD- I had stopped taking it for awhile thinking it may have been weight loss that reduced the knee pain- But without the CBD I have constant pain in joints. Great product I love it.