This is how it works

Join online at

Simply visit the and create your membership account by filling in the requested info! If you already have an account, please log in and select the 'Join Loyalty Program' option.

Collect points

You can collect points every time you shop ($1 = 1 point), by rating and reviewing your purchases (10 points per rating or reviewing), and by completing your membership profile. (20 points)

When you shop online and are logged in to your account, your points will automatically be added to your points balance.

When you collect 100 points, you earn a $5 Bonus Voucher you can use for your next purchase. Bonus Vouchers will appear 30 days after you reached enough points.

Offers and rewards

You can view all available offers and rewards on your account page at
Visit your account page regularly to make sure you don't miss out on any membership offers.

Redeem your rewards in store

When shopping on our site, as you proceed to checkout, you'll have an option to use some or all off your points to reduce the price of your purchase! Simply input the number of points you would like to use and your benefits will be immediately reflected in your cart.

Redeem your rewards online